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Your Gift Matters.

Our mission has us seeking to boldly follow this Jesus and to see his kingdom come. God remains with us by his Holy Spirit; through visible expressions of his grace in you.

$542,293 raised

$500,000 goal

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Your funds fulfill our mission.

We exist to educate God’s children to boldly follow Christ for kingdom service. Your gift resources this truth - that our students are unique and worthy, with a high calling to be difference-makers in a way that selflessly honors their Maker. It is a beautiful thing.

We are working to see our students live boldly for Jesus here and beyond. We desire to see our graduates go on to be noticed for who they serve and defend. In the next decade, the keys to our impact and success will be seeing our graduates using their lives to make the crooked straight and bring hope, healing, and restoration.

The goal of our campaign is to make Calvin Christian School a more vibrant and accessible place to lead, teach and learn as we seek to further engage our student’s hearts (faith), stimulate their minds (learning), and inspire their hands (for life). To fulfill our mission and have greater impact, we seek a facility that can embrace more students and the tools and learning spaces they need. We understand that accomplishing the next donor-driven steps will require people to do extraordinary things.